PS AUDIO Stellar M700 Mono Power Amplifier - Silver

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PS AUDIO Stellar M700 Mono Power Amplifier - Silver

The Stellar M700 mono amplifiers are a massively powerful engine capable of effortlessly driving demanding loudspeaker loads to concert levels. Stellar’s best. A pair of these placed on any loudspeaker brings forth the lush, rich and soul-satisfying power of two completely independent power blocks with headroom to spare. One listen to a hugely loud and complex musical passage effortlessly rendered by the M700 pair and you’ll know you made the right choice.

Unit of Measure: Pair


Stellar M700 Mono Amplifier


Weight  13 lbs [5.9 kg] (each)Unit

Dimensions 17”W x 3”H x 12”D (13"D w/connectors) 17”W x 6”H x 12”D (Stacked)
Shipping Weight 16.5 lbs [7.5 kg] (each)
Shipping Dimensions 22”W x 8”H x 17”D (each)

Color Options Black/Silver

Voltage Options
(Factory set only)Japan 100V
North America 120V
Europe/Asia/Australia/New Zealand 230V

Mains Power Inputs IEC C14

Idle Power Consumption 23W

Accessories Included US (NEMA 5-15P) (all versions)
Schuko (CEE7/7) (230V version)
UK (BS 1363) (230V version)Audio Inputs

RCA (Unbalanced)
XLR (Balanced)Speaker

Outputs Copper base nickel plated binding posts (2 pair)DC Trigger

Input 3.5mm 5-15VDC

Warranty 3 years parts and labor


Gain 30.5dB +/-0.5dB

Sensitivity for rated output power 1.6V

Noise kHz@700 Watts < -105dB

Input impedance Unbalanced 50KΩ
Balanced 100KΩOutput Impedance50Hz, 2.8V

RMS <0.007Ω

Damping factor 50Hz. 2.8V

8Ω >1100
4Ω >550

Frequency Response 2.8VRMS into 4Ω
10Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.5dB
10Hz – 50KHz +0.1/-3.0dB


 1KHz, 1W/4Ω<0.02%10-20KHz, 1W/4Ω<0.02%10-50KHz, 1W/4Ω< 0.05% (90kHz BW) 1KHz, 87.5W/4Ω< 0.015%

Output Power

120vac mains, 1kHz, 1% THD 8Ω 350W minimum 4Ω 700W minimum 2Ω Stable for musical transients


Full 3 Year Warranty
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